Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately as a bootstrapped company it's not feasible to have a free plan at this time. You can't afford it? We can't afford it!
We do the $1 trial because that way the costs of hosting your early podcasts are covered while giving you plenty of time to set everything up as you need. There are no further bills after the initial $1 until you have had either 100 episode downloads or have uploaded 5 episodes total, whichever comes first. You don't have to rush with Hosted.
No. It takes a few months and a fair few grand a year to get IAB certified. Our analytics data is collected in an IAB compatible way however. Later on down the line (when we have the funds) we may get these certified. It'll be a big moment. You'll hear about it.
Nope. Just writing down a few things I'd want to know if I was looking to sign up for a new podcast host. I'll add more when questions are asked.
Ah you got me! At the time of writing Hosted is a team of one. Just me. Dev, Sysadmin, Marketing, Sales - different hats, same person. I use 'we' so that if and when I do hire on any additional folks to help out I don't need to go re-writing half the site!
There's a plan in place in the event I get hit by a bus. The worst case scenario though you can redirect your feeds domain elsewhere or have redirect to new feeds as if you were moving away for any other reason.